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NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Pre and Postnatal Certified Personal Trainer

Fitness is a reflection of my personal journey through life and dedication to become the best version of myself, inside and out. I believe physical strength breeds mental strength. When you prove to yourself you can change and grow, you can apply that drive to all areas of life. There are many positive life lessons that can be learned by dedicating yourself to fitness and living a healthy life. My goal is to inspire others to develop a healthy lifestyle and show them the way.

Fitness is my outlet and I love the way exercising makes me feel. Studies have shown that exercise is a great way to combat depression and I feel like this is absolutely true.

I’ve always been physically active in one way or another. From dance at a young age, soccer, cheerleading, half marathon running, spin class, weight lifting (on and off throughout teens and 20’s) and more recently, bodybuilding and trying out power lifting. What I haven’t always had, though, is the knowledge I have now about training and nutrition and consistent implementation. I’m constantly soaking up more. Once this clicked for me I no longer felt like I was on a the hamster wheel. The days of cutting out entire food groups, obsessive cardio running myself into the ground, feeling the need to do a cleanse once a week, trying the latest fad diet, panicking because I ate something ‘bad’, and feeling like I was being tossed around by the never ending stream of the latest and greatest way to do something, were OVER! Years of learning and experience and now I feel free. All of this I will pass on to you and show you the way.

This lifestyle shaped my life for the better and gave me strength to apply to all areas of my life. I enjoy helping others and find it very fulfilling to help others achieve their fitness and health goals. Training is an important part of my life and always will be because it’s more than just looking good, it’s about overall health and well being. I enjoy weight training, running, interval training, pretty much anything that gets me moving and my muscles working.

Now, as a new mom, it’s important to me to maintain my healthy lifestyle and set a good example for my daughter. It’s been an adjustment to my regular gym routine (and everything else! ha) so I’ve had to find creative ways to stay fit. I created Muscle Moms to help expecting moms, new moms, and experienced moms create and maintain a fitness routine that works for them and fits in their busy life.

I believe in balance and finding what works for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle for life.


To empower you to feel strong and confident in yourself and develop a healthy lifestyle through fitness and nutrition that can be sustained for life. I believe in creating a positive relationship with exercise and food and finding ways to make fitness and good nutrition fit easily into your life so it’s something you can maintain, just just a quick fix. My goal is to educate each person so they can experience the freedom that comes from knowledge of proper nutrition and training.


My goal is to empower each woman to feel strong and confident in herself, her body and feel prepared for birth. Muscle Moms provides the tools and knowledge you need to continue exercise throughout pregnancy and nourish your body appropriately. And as you enter into motherhood, Muscle Moms can guide you through your postpartum period with appropriate exercises for the new mom. All programs are designed with special considerations to the pregnant or newly postpartum mom.


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