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It’s a common misconception that women shouldn’t lift weights or exercise during pregnancy. (If that was the case I would be MISERABLE right now). What’s actually true: if a pregnant woman has been training prior to getting pregnant she can continue to train at the level she did before pregnancy (BABY HULK!!). This doesn’t mean slamming around heavy weights and dead lifting twice your body weight if you’ve never done that before (but if you’re used to lifting heavy, keep at it-as long as you feel fine and baby is fine). If a pregnant woman wasn’t exercising before pregnancy, starting a reasonable fitness routine will help both mom and baby during and after pregnancy-walking, biking, lighter weight training and core strengthening are all great.

Women who exercise during their entire pregnancy can experience:

35% reduced need for pain relief

75% reduction in operative intervention (c section)

50% fewer episotimies

reduced risk for pregnancy complications that are caused by poor diet and sedentary lifestyle

and leaner, lighter, healthy babies!

Since I had been weight training years before becoming pregnant, I didn’t let finding out I was carrying a tiny person stop me from what I wanted to do. I was safe, I knew I had good form and trusted my body. Actually, the day I found out was right after I’d just completed the Murph at my gym, BrewHouse Barbell in OKC.

Murph is-for time:
1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run

my time was 60 minutes (I think) not bad for being about 4 weeks prego.

During this time I was also training for my first power lifting meet (July 9). The day of meet I was 11 weeks pregnant. I actually did ok considering it was my first time and I was nervous. My squat opener was 172 lbs (normally easy) and I was going to go for a 3rd attempt of 200 lbs (something I knew I could do-since I trained hard but didn’t try to set any earth shattering maxes once I knew I was prego). 1st attempt went well-weight felt heavy but I got it. But, I didn’t get the lift because judges said I didn’t hit depth (just below parallel) even though it looked like I did from video. After that I stayed at that weight not trying to increase but got in my head and missed the next two squat attempts. Technically I’d be out of the meet, but the nice people with USPA Powerlifting let me keep going. Bench first attempt was 105 (normally can slam out 10 reps) and missed first time, got second time, third attempt went for 110 lbs and missed. My goal was to attempt 125 lbs. oh well. Deadlifts were awesome. After seeing how off I was with the other two lifts I decided to reduce my opener waaaay down and opened at 184 lbs-easy. Second attempt was 195 lbs and third was 225 lbs that went up like butter. It was so awesome after feeling like everything else totally sucked. The best part was getting one meet under my belt and spending time with my friends from BrewHouse who are all super strong and encouraging. I plan to do another PL meet in fall 2017 and will start training as soon as I’m ready after baby.

So the first 11 weeks of my pregnancy I continued my powerlifting meet training. Next blog I’ll outline what I’ve been doing since then.

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