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We’ve all been there. So let’s get real about what to do after eating too much, having too many drinks and generally feeling blah.

The worst thing you can do after over indulging with food is to either continue to overdo it or the opposite-totally deprive yourself. Don’t panic if you feel bloated or your pants are too tight after one (or maybe two) day(s) of over eating. Don’t let a couple of days of constant treats turn into a week or more of totally giving up on your goals. It can be difficult to get back on track but your body will thank you and you’ll feel much better too. The following tips will show you what to expect the day following your feast and how to deal with it.

Don’t give yourself a hard time-move on
I know I’ll feel like myself again if I just start doing the things I know work (although I may not feel like doing it). Once I get back into my routine I usually feel good about it within a day and feel better mentally and physically and that keeps me motivated.

Expect to gain weight

Don’t weigh yourself the day after a big treat meal or even an indulgent weekend! If you had one too many pieces of pie or too much sodium chances are you gained a few pounds, but it’s just water weight. Don’t worry you can’t gain that much body fat overnight. What happened is that your body is not used to this amount of carbohydrates and/or sodium in your system so give it a day or two to get back to normal. Carbohydrates use more water per gram to process than protein, and sodium causes you to hold water, so that combination means your body is holding onto much more water than it would normally-making you feel and look puffy.

How to deal with water bloat

To overcome the temporary water retention, focus on eating your normal daily meals and get back to your exercise routine. It’s easy to get into the mindset of ‘well I already blew it so I’ll just keep eating junk because it won’t matter.’ That is not true! One or two meals of overdoing it won’t derail you, but a week or weeks will.

Focus on protein, veggies and whole grains. Drink plenty of water. Water will help flush out the sodium.

But I’m not hungry

This can happen after you surpass your normal caloric intake. You may find that the last thing you’re interested in doing the next morning is eating. Go for a walk or do something active, drink water, and then eat a high protein meal. You may not be hungry but it’s still important to feed your body the protein it needs to keep metabolism functioning. Foods like fruit, oatmeal, eggs are good options.

Don’t panic

The opposite extreme of overeating is under eating. Depriving yourself after your body is freaking out because it’s not used to the calorie intake will only make things worse. Just get back to your healthy eating habits and move on. A sauna session after a sweaty workout can help get rid of excess water and it’s relaxing :o)

Exercise, get some sunshine, or even better exercise outside in the sun! Just get right back on track and you’ll be fine. Now that you know what to expect, don’t let feeling bloated or a change in the scale number freak you out.

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