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You can get strong glutes in minutes a day!

Weak glutes can actually lead to injury. When glutes are weak, other muscles have to compensate for them and that causes imbalance which leads to injury. This is especially problematic if you’re pregnant and/or a new mom. The good news is you can fix this in minutes a day and do all exercises at home! Listen to the latest episode of The Muscle Moms Podcast to get the details!

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Complete Guide to Glutes comes with high quality, no slip, glute band to use for all exercises. Exercise list and videos included in the program and will be emailed to your email upon purchase.This band was specifically manufactured to:

✅ Help engage glutes without heavy loads.
✅ Activates and strengthens the hips, glutes, and hamstrings.
✅ Helps stabilization through engaging hip abductors and external rotators.

✅ Safely strengthen glutes to help stabilize the pregnant mom
✅ Teaches you to push your knees out while squatting helping ensure proper form and more isolated glute activation.
✅ Soft material that you can use even on bare skin

This glute band doesn’t:
❌ Slip
❌ Roll
❌ Fold
❌ Tear
❌ Suck


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